Abang Bear

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Abang Bear asking to Bakar about Nasi Lemak

Abang Bear is one of the main villains in the Agent Ali series. He makes his first appearance in MISSION: COMOT.

He is a crime lord in the series and his arsenal is laden full of jewels and gems.

After Wak Musang shows him about the I.R.I.S., he and Komeng sends the genetic modified stray cats to steal it. Comot manages to steal it for him. Upon realizing secret agents have found out his location and try to retrieve the I.R.I.S., he traps Ali, Bakar and Alicia in glass cages and set a bomb to kill them. However, before he leaves with the I.R.I.S., Comot rebels and steals it to return it to Ali. He leaves Comot, thinking that the bomb would have killed the agents and it too.




  • "There's no spicy? I cannot resist spicy food, stomach pain later." - Season 1, Episode 4 (MISSION: COMOT)


  • He bears the likeness of Auric Goldfinger, a James Bond villain because both wear the same coat, like gold and sadistic. However, Auric has a female assassin called Pussy Galore's Flying circus to start the operation "Grand Slam" (which is to rob the U.S. Bullion Depository at Fort Knox, Kentucky), while Bear has felines called Feline Operative to steal jewels and gem.
  • He also bears the likeness of the ringmaster of Gothtica Circus in Danny Phantom. They used objects (Abang Bear uses laptop/Ringmaster uses staff) to control their "minions" (Cats/Ghosts) to steal money, gold and a specially requested object (I.R.I.S./Glove of Reality with 3 gems). The only difference is the colour of the ringmaster's coat and hat, which are black.
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