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Geetha is an agent under M.A.T.A. Academy. Although she first appears in "MISSION: ACADEMY", her name is revealed in "MISSION: ORIENTATION". She is the mentor for TEKNO agents.


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Do you not have other attack? All you know I'm the one who teached you!
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MISSION: LEGACY (Malay: MISI: LEGASI) is the twenty-sixth episode of Agent Ali. It is also the thirteenth and final episode of Season 2.

The M.A.T.A. agents must prevent Uno from accessing the M.A.T.A. Mainframe.

The 13th episode of season 2 was aired on March 30th, 2018.


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Zianka Zianka 9 May 2018

Switch the face :D

Hi, guys I made it for just to laughing y'all!

If you see my edit is not perfect, please don't tell me about that. ;)

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Brandon hon2000 Brandon hon2000 15 September 2016

School basketball

Normally, I don't post sports stuff here.

However, I really have to. Why, you ask?

Well, this is because my school is hosting a basketball competition …

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Brandon hon2000 Brandon hon2000 14 September 2016

My iPhone got upgraded to iOS 10

Normally I don't post iPhone upgrade stuff, but here I have to make an exception.

My iPhone 5 is now running iOS 10! Apart from that wallpaper of me - …

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Brandon hon2000 Brandon hon2000 10 September 2016

Agent Ali Game Number 2 officially becomes Agent Ali Emergency, part 2

It's been officially announced.

Agent Ali Emergency, the first game ever to be done on the ZenFone 3, will be released 12th September 2016!

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