This is the history of Ali.

Early Life

In the early concepts, Ali is a spy kid in the secret agency M.A.T.A.. He has high intelligence that can only be stimulate in critical situations. He becomes a spy with Bakar and Comot in order to save his father, who is kidnapped by a villain named Nonimus. Ali wields the I.R.I.S., which is his father's invention, and the item Nonimus wants.

In the final concept, many of the early concepts have been redesigned or abandoned. It is revealed in MISSION: COMOT that Ali once had a happy family. This is proven when he treasures the picture of his younger self, his father, his mother and his old pet cat, Labu. According to his father, his mother had died and Labu went astray then. His father is unable to take care of Ali as he is too busy at work and only comes back at late night. Hence, Ali is alone in his house. Occasionally, he will chat and play games online with his only best friend, Viktor.

Season 1

Season 2

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