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This is the result if technology fails.
―Analogman in MISSION: ANALOG

Analogman is an elderly villain who despises technological advancement as this causes humans to lose moral values. He first appears in MISSION: ANALOG. his name is unknown


Analogman for a very strange reason doesn't have much known infornation which is according to General Rama he doesn't exist due to his personal information not being shown in the database, so he simply may just be a different being or he somehow manages to change his personal data.however in Misi Analog, Analogman told Dr.Mala that "Have you ever seen the slum of Cyberaya, how poor the life is there...Just because we cannot keep in touch with technology"revealing that he doesn't live in Cyberaya city but in a very poor section of Cyberaya



Analogman is a man who hates technology as he believe that the more advancements are made on technology,humans will lose their moral values,in Mission: ATLAS its revealed that he views technology as a "disease".

Analogman is actually unaware that technology only exist simply because its job is to fulfill human needs, he is not aware that the problem that he sees in humans today, does not lie in the technological advancement but how humans use them.


  • "This is the result if technology fails." - Season 2, Episode 4 (MISSION: ANALOG)


  • His appearance and technology are somewhat steampunk.
  • According to Ain Hafizah, an artist in WAU Animation and the artist in M.A.T.A. Secret Files, Analogman has the same backstory as Dr. Aaron.