Atlas or I.R.I.S. Atlas is a device created by Ali that can help agents in missions through using the features of I.R.I.S.


In MISSION: ATLAS, Ali hasn't finished the assignment of inventing a gadget for the other agents. They kept getting rejected because they're not what the agents really need. Ali thinks he doesn't know them enough to know whats the right gadget for them. He got the idea of making the Atlas when Khai wondered what it's like using the IRIS.

How It Works

The Atlas looks like an eyeglass hinge, projecting a single holographic lens when activated. There are three Atlases for the 3 of 4 members of a team. It is activated by the IRIS user and the fourth member of the team, Ali. Once the Atlas is synced, the user will have the features of the IRIS.


The Atlas gives a glimpse of what the IRIS can do. The Atlas analyzes, calculates, or predicts fighting styles of opponents or enemies and guides the user to defeat them. When the IRIS and all of the Atlases are synced together, it It cso create effective strategies to be executed by the whole team.




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