Central Control Computer at the New Energy Power Plants

The Azurium.

Azurium is a crystal used as an energy source and for energy conversion. It is currently used to power Cyberaya and has been used to create certain gadgets.


As revealed by Bakar in MISSION: PROTOCOL GEGAS, the Azurium was discovered and experimented by scientists in Cyberaya 5 years ago. During the course of research, terrorists stole the Azurium and planned to make weapons out of the Azurium to bomb Cyberaya. This forced the four chief pillars of M.A.T.A. to stop them. They were successful but at the cost of Djin's life, the INVISO chief pillar.

After the research was completed, the Azurium is now used as a source of power throughout Cyberaya. It is also used to create certain gadgets, the most notable one being the I.R.I.S..


The Azurium is used to provide energy by converting items. Four Azurium crystals will be stored into four laser cannons. As the crystals start spinning, the laser cannons will be charged up. Lasers will be shot out simultaneously to the center, where items (usually garbage) are placed. The items that are shot will be disintegrated and converted into an energy source.

Though, misuse and mishandle of the Azurium has been a concern for the scientists. According to Dr. Mala in MISSION: ANALOG, exploding a small amount of Azurium can trigger an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) blast that can disable all technology across a building. Despite an explosion of a small amount of Azurium cannot harm anyone, as according to Alicia, it is possible that a large amount of Azurium can potentially be lethal if exploded.

There has been a few gadgets that are invented using the Azurium: the I.R.I.S., the helmet that can extract DNA out of the I.R.I.S., Djin's sword, and a mini energy convertor.


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