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Blastique is Alicia owns a slingshot, she uses it to attack the enemy with long range shots with her ammo. Ali was seen using a Blastique in the KECEMASAN! trailer, but at the time, Alicia hadn't been created yet. Once she had been secured as a main character, the only weapon that seemed fit for her strict and disciplined personality was a slingshot; a sharp-shooter weapon. Since they couldn't have both Ali and Alicia using the same weapon, Ali ended up using a yoyo in the series. At one point, WAU Animation had even considered equipping her with a sumpit (Malay blowgun).


How It Works


  • Electric Bomb: Alicia uses several types of high-tech projectiles in different colours shaped like steel ball bearings with different functions: her usual ammunition are green-coloured bombs that explode upon contact, stunning and damaging the enemy. She also uses smoke screen bombs, which releases smoke that obscures the enemies' sight and reveals security lasers. Another type of projectile are blue balls which produces a magnetic field that attracts and pulls those nearest to the projectile towards it, gathering all the enemies in one place and rendering them immobile. All of Alicia's projectiles are kept in a small tube strapped to a belt on the right side of her hip, where she can easily take one out and fire shots at the enemy.




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