Sorry Ali, I really don’t want to do this. But you are so stubborn.
―Jenny turning back against M.A.T.A. in

Jenny is a former agent in M.A.T.A.. She was classified as a quartermaster in TEKNO who is responsible for doing suits, gadgets, and devices for any recruited agent.

She makes her first appearance in MISSION: IRIS, where she checks up on Ali as he regains consciousness. She then quickly explained about I.R.I.S. to Ali and offers to research on ways to seperate it from him.

In MISSION: UNO, she is revealed to be the actual traitor in M.A.T.A..


  • Stylus: A pen that use on tablets, it also used as a taser that electrocutes and weakens enemies (same as Dos's Shox Stix). Jenny uses this on Ali to stop from activating the override mode in MISSION: UNO. However, in MISSION: HOPE, she used to contact Uno and Dos with a button at the back of a pen. She also use this with Dos's Shox Stix as a short circuit to stop the bomb from being exploded
  • Mini Pistol: A small type of gun that can generate a red shoot and causes a huge impact. This can deal huge damage to enemies.

Pre-Series Life

Not much information about Jenny. It still remains a question on why she was recruited to work for Uno in the first place. She joined M.A.T.A. in order to obtain information and spy about the agency‘s activities currently. Despite her history was not known much, she was one of the most trusted agents in M.A.T.A. but eventually turns out to be an enemy. There are many theories that might be connected to Jenny, in one theory: during her high school, she gets good grades but in the inside she feels empty and probably Uno decides to recruit her to change her life. In the second theory: Jenny is an orphan who was abandoned by her parents, and Uno decides to treat her like her dad.


Jenny is a redhead M.A.T.A. agent. She wears a lab coat over her green turtleneck shirt, red pants and black shoes, as well as a matching pair of gloves. She is constantly armed with a stylus and tablet.

When she reveals herself to be the mole in M.A.T.A., she abandons her glasses, having only used them as part of her disguise as an agent. In season 2, she wears a black and green tunic-like uniform with black high boots.

It is revealed that she had long hair in the past.


Jenny is a two-faced young agent who perfectly tried to hide her personality to make the others didn't suspicious at her. As a M.A.T.A agent, Jenny known to be nice, polite and compassionate. However, sometimes she is disgusted of Bakar's actions, such as like every kind of romantic advance has made on her. She likes to help the other agents like giving them a new weapon/gadget, like he gave Ali a Sonic Yoyo and Bakar's High-Tech Shield Gauntlet also like to explaining things at length instead of giving a short answer when replying to a question and gadgets.

As Cinco, she is calm, abusive, intelligent and cunning. Despite; she still has some traits from her original persona like being soft-spoken and speaking in a length sentence. She also has a massive superiority complex, and is physically the “weakest” Numeros agent. She proves herself “perfect” and is a good follower of Uno. Despite; all the odds she remains easy-going. She also managed to threaten Cuatro after he decides to stop working for Uno ever since he became offwork. Cinco managed to track his location on near the woods, and he went along with Rizwan and Ocho as ordered by Uno. She is also mischievous and can be spotted with a fake “smile”.


  • Featured image "It seems that you have come to seek death." - Season 2, Episode 8 (MISSION: PURPOSE)
  • "Sorry, Ali. I really don’t want to do this. But you are so stubborn." - Jenny revealing herself as the backstabber.
  • "You are so adorable, Ali. My loyalty has never been with M.A.T.A. Uno ordered me to join here, so I can able to spy from within." - Jenny to Ali explaining why she became a villain at the first place.
  • "This is why you are unworthy to be an agent. You are so easy to trust someone. Don’t worry you are not the only one, Bakar, Alicia, even the general, you are all the same. This is why its main leader no longer to be as strong like in past. " - Cinco exposing Ali and M.A.T.A‘s agents.
  • "This is your task. You need to finish this, or you will be finished." -Season 2, Episode 9 (MISSION: ROLE)
  • "I'm NOT Jenny!"- Cinco angrily to Bakar after calling her "Jenny"
  • "I know it's dangerous. I need to do this so it can help you to defeat them." - Jenny to Ocho


  • Jenny is the quartermaster who provides gadgets for M.A.T.A. agents.
  • Jenny is revealed to be the enemy mole in M.A.T.A. in MISSION: UNO.
  • After MISSION: UNO, the voice actress of Jenny nicknamed her character as "Cutevil Jenny".
  • In MISSION: OVERRIDE, her codename is revealed to be "Cinco", which means "five" in Spanish.
  • Jenny has a habit of explaining things at length instead of giving a short answer when replying to a question about gadgets.
  • She is constantly disgusted at and rejects every romantic advance Bakar has made on her.
  • Jenny's birthday is revealed to be 24th September, a week after Rizwan's birthday, and her zodiac is Libra.
    • Interestingly, Jenny shares the same birthday as her voice actress Nor Meirysha.
  • Rizwan was originally supposed to be the traitor in M.A.T.A. however; the directors decided to change it to Jenny because it was obvious and the viewers already predicted that it is Rizwan.
  • In season one, many fans think that Rizwan is showing a strong affection to Jenny despite the 50% relationship towards each other.
    • However; after she left M.A.T.A. their relationship became strained ever since.
  • She declare that her name is not Jenny. But this statement is still questionable because if she has another real name since "Cinco" is her agent name or Jenny was indeed her real name but she tries to deny to admit it since she was Uno's Agent, she needs to use "Cinco" as her real name.
  • Ever since her 25th birthday last September 2017, Agent Ali Instagram uploads a happy birthday greeting to Jenny every year.
  • So far she is the fifth smallest height after Seis and Siete, Cuatro, and Dr. Aaron.
  • In one of the comic books, it was mentioned Jenny attended boarding schools.
  • Jenny is revealed to be a vegetarian in a fan theory club.


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