It's useless. Give it back.

— To Dos about to take the Blueprint from Ali in MISSION: BLUEPRINT

Dos is one of the evil spies in "Agent Ali". She makes her first appearance in the intro for MISSION: IRIS where she dresses up in Ejen Jenny's clothing.




  • Shox Stix: Needles shock its victims once it touches the target's body. Dos is also able to pull a needle back to her. When embedded into the ground, it produces an electric shockwave that shocks nearby opponents. Dos usually wears her electric needle as a hair bun.
  • Velocity Boots: A pair of shoes that can speed up the foot movement to run faster and jump higher.
  • Crystal Flash: It emits a bright flash that blinds her enemies, allowing her to give her opponents the slip. Used in MISSION: BLUEPRINT against Rizwan, and MISSION: PROTOCOL GEGAS against Ali and Alicia.
  • Plasma Blade: A knife-shaped weapon that can produce temperatures and light that is hot and can cut a lot of surfaces. First use in MISSION: PROTOCOL GEGAS. In MISSION: OVERRIDE, the right blade was broken by Bakar and the left by a bite from Comot.



  • Her name means the Spanish translation for "two".
  • She borrows elements from the Flash franchise.


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