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This was all your own fault, Doctor. I have given you the opportunity for both of us to lead. But you fail to grasp our truest potential.
―Aaron faulting Dr. Tong in MISSION: ALPHA

Dr. Aaron Edison is a minor character in the Agent Ali.


Dr. Aaron is an obsessed person with human progress. He has a strange personality, causing him to be unacceptable to peers since school age. However, he was once accepted by Dr. Tong to become one of the scientists at Tong Industries, one of the leading drivers in Cyberaya.



He is arrogant, merciless and selfish and a little bit of annoying sometimes. Because of this, sometimes the other members of the Numeros loves to bully him (like Trez back in Season 1). Dr. Aaron was a scientist before he became a villain, he believes that he wants to create a world without one's emotions, health and spirit because of this Dr. Tong opposes his goal and fires him in Alpha Tower. However after he was fired and imprisoned he created a telekinetic helmet in the prison, because of this he escaped and wants his revenge against Dr. Tong. However he was defeated by Ali, Alicia, Bakar, and Comot. After he was defeated by the M.A.T.A. agents, he was recruited into Uno's group and created a weapon called the I.R.I.S. Separator but before that, they need an Azurium to create the weapon. In MISSION: OVERRIDE according to Dos he was discharged because of his annoyance (though he wants to prove that he can be recruited in their team because he created the I.R.I.S. Separator).

However in Season 2 he finally becomes an official member of the Numeros as Nueve (which means 'nine' in Spanish) though it is unknown of how he was recruited in the first place.


  • "This is all your fault your doctor. I have given you a chance, to lead us together, but you fail to see the real potential that we can achieve." - Season 1, Episode 2 (MISSION: ALPHA)


  • His name "Dr. Aaron Edison" is a spoof to Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the electric light bulb.
  • His skill is similar to Nicolai Technus from Danny Phantom.
  • In Season 2 it was revealed that he joined to Numeros as Nueve which means 'nine' in Spanish.