Ali, it's not a Labu, a Labu has long gone, he's been running after mom dies!
―Dr. Ghazali telling about Labu in MISSION: COMOT

Ghazali is revealed to be Ali's father in Agent Ali's fourth episode in the series. His first appearance is in the exclusive festive season promo video, titled MISSION: RAYA, where Ali tells viewers to get up on their feet and welcome their guests during the festive season, and not ignore the guests.

Pre-Series Life

In the earlier concepts, Dr. Ghazali is the one who invents the I.R.I.S.. A cyber villain named Nonimus wants the invention and kidnaps him, but the I.R.I.S. is in the safe hands of his son, Ali. In order to rescue him, Ali uses the I.R.I.S. and becomes an agent, along with Bakar and Comot.

In the final concept, many of the early concepts have been redesigned or abandoned. Though, Dr. Ghazali remains as a computer engineer, which is similar to the early concept. It is revealed in MISSION: COMOT that his wife had died and he feels guilty for unable to take care of Ali as he is too busy at work and only comes back at late night.






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