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The fight between you two has caused the mission to fail. A mission that you were not allowed to go. You are suspended.
―General Rama mad to Alicia in MISSION: EVEN

General Rama is a notable character in Agent Ali. He is the General of M.A.T.A. and a Strategist Agent of the NEURO pillar.

In MISSION: EVEN, General Rama is deemed to be Alicia's father, while in reality, he is a froster father of Alicia, treated her like his own cil. Alicia reveals this in the movie.



Being a general, General Rama is very strict towards attendance, missions and agents however he seems to be caring towards Alicia as seen MISSION: PERFORMANCE when he scolded Alicia for getting involved in dangerous situations (Alicia nearly got killed in the episode MISSION: PROTOCOL GEGAS and Ali chose to save her rather than obeying the GEGAS Protocol ordered by Agent Rizwan) and he later thanks Ali for saving her.


  • Act immediately! ("Bertindak segera!")
  • Your squabbles have made this mission a fail. A mission you shouldn't be participating, you will be replaced." - Season 1, Episode 3 (MISSION: EVEN)


  • General Rama's name can be mocked as "General Butterfly". This is due to 'Rama' being a half of the Malay word 'Rama-rama' translated into English as "Butterfly".
  • General Rama also has a trait where he pretends to be a fictional Indian superhero. He tries his best not to overdo it.
  • General Rama has initially planned on destroying Ali once he had synced up with the I.R.I.S., but Bakar persuaded him not to.


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