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I.R.I.S. (Infinity Retinal Intelligence System) is the device created by M.A.T.A. agents and it is now used by Ali.


The I.R.I.S. was an abandoned and discontinued project in M.A.T.A. until it was stolen by Dos and Trez. Dos gave the I.R.I.S. to Wak Musang for safekeeping until one of their agents arrived to retrieve it by using the code "Tempoyak Udang". When Ali ordered tempoyak udang (Indonesian/Malaysian Food) literally, he thought he was the agent and gave him a lunch box containing the I.R.I.S. free of charge. The I.R.I.S. activated its tracking signal, allowing Dos and Trez to hunt Ali down. Bakar, an agent of M.A.T.A. and the uncle of Ali, went to protect Ali from Dos and Trez. During the fight between Bakar, Dos, and Trez, Ali accidentally activated the I.R.I.S. and used it against Dos and Trez. He used the I.R.I.S. until it used up the energy from his body as a power source. Ali collapsed and the I.R.I.S. returned to its original state and fell off. Bakar tried to use it but failed. After Dos and Trez fled, Ali was taken to the M.A.T.A. headquarters and Jenny explained the I.R.I.S. to Ali. General Rama at first wanted to eliminate Ali after knowing too much about M.A.T.A. and using the I.R.I.S. accidentally. However, Jenny suggested that Ali be sent to missions and used the I.R.I.S. so they can improvise it until she can extract Ali's DNA from it. General Rama accepted her suggestion and recruited Ali as an agent in M.A.T.A. In MISSION: ATLAS, Ali creates Atlas, which can sync to 3 other agents for easier fighting to enemies and opponents.

How It Works

The I.R.I.S. is activated by a button resembling the official Meta Advance Tactical Agency (M.A.T.A.) logo. It scans a person's irises. If it matches to its user, it transforms into a visor for the user to wear.


  • Analyzes, calculates or predicts fighting styles of opponents or enemies and guides the user to defeat them as well as the trajectory and velocity of incoming projectiles .
  • Analyzes surroundings to warn the user of hazards and incoming attack or dangers in a fraction of a nanosecond or help the user to warn his or her friends who are in danger.
  • Guides the user to fight, defend, or escape.
  • Gives options for the user to defeat opponents or enemies or to escape.
  • Night vision.
  • X-ray vision.
  • Identifies passwords and codes.
  • Guides the user to disable wiring systems.
  • Syncs with any gadgets to enable the user to control them based on the information obtained from the I.R.I.S.
  • Helps the user to identify hidden or missing objects by restoring memory.
  • Scan objects for insider information of a person (gender, age, height, nationality, mood, hair color, skin color eye color, or name (theoretically), etc.) or object (vehicle (type or class, license plate, owner, and speed), type of objects, usage of objects, etc.)
  • OVERRIDE MODE: The I.R.I.S will activate this mode when it reaches 100% efficiency and when the user is in grave danger. It is only used as the last resort. The OVERRIDE MODE enables the I.R.I.S. to hack into all of the nearby technologies and control them (like disabling some traps to enable the user to escape easily but activates them to attack enemies, making some auto weapons to go against their own team, etc.) The problem with this mode, if the user is in battle, is that it cannot properly distinguish who is the user's teammate and who is the threat such as in MISSION: PURPOSE where Ali who is using the I.R.I.S (in Override mode) attacks Moon and Iman unless the teammates are wearing Atlas
    • The real OVERRIDE MODE is actually the mode when the I.R.I.S. completely takes over the user's mind and body. The I.R.I.S. will use its user to fight its opponents until its body energy wears off and passively causes technological disruptions when first activated. This can only be activated when the user feels an overwhelming emotion (like Ali was overwhelmed when he saw Uno severely injuring Bakar until he's unconscious or when Uno thrust his sword to Zain). This issue is resolved in Ejen Ali The Movie (Misi: Neo).
    • Digital Vision. 
    • Scanner Vision.  
    • Brain Scanning.   


  • In the earlier concepts, the I.R.I.S. is designed by Ali's father and created by Ali"s Mother who also was a M.A.T.A Techno agent.
  • The I.R.I.S. can only be activated by Ali because it has synced with his irises. Hence, other people cannot activate and use it because every human has unique irises.
  • Capable of processing information much faster than Humanity's current fastest supercomputers.
  • The I.R.I.S.'s weakness is that it is powered by the user's energy. The longer period the user uses the I.R.I.S., the more energy will be drained from the user, making him exhausted and the I.R.I.S. to gradually be low in power.
  • Breakdown of the meaning of I.R.I.S.:
    • Infinity: The I.R.I.S. can scan everything in its surroundings and give many possible suggestions for the user.
    • Retinal: The I.R.I.S. scans a person's irises to identify its user.
    • Intelligence System: It uses artificial intelligence for decision-making.
  • Ali is currently the only person who can activate the I.R.I.S.
  • The I.R.I.S. is similar to the Omnitrix in Ben 10 due to its circular shape and its ability to sync with a person's DNA.
  • As revealed by Jenny in "MISSION: POTENTIAL", the I.R.I.S. uses the brain's nerve impulses to gather data by sight and analyze them in less than a nanosecond.
  • The IRIS OVERRIDE MODE is probably the reason why the project was abandoned in the first place.
  • The I.R.I.S. does not seem to equip with M.A.T.A. gadget countermeasure (gadget self-destruct mode). This is proven in "MISSION: IRIS" when Bakar tries to use the I.R.I.S. after Ali activates it, it only rings an alarm and does not convert into a visor.
    • The first reason could be that the I.R.I.S. can only be activated with compatible irises, which is already considered a safe security approach.
    • The second reason could be that the I.R.I.S. was an unfinished and discontinued project.
  • The OVERRIDE MODE might be similar to the Avatar state from Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra series.


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