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Iman is an agent under M.A.T.A. Academy. Although she first appears in "MISSION: ACADEMY", her name is revealed in "MISSION: ORIENTATION". She is classified as a KOMBAT agent. She, Ali, Moon and Jet are in a team.


As a agent in the KOMBAT pillar, Iman is light-skinned and wears a blue suit of cloak to the level of her thighs. Her suit was a long and armed up to his wrist. Iman wears a black veil and it is followed by a yellow scarf on her head, which also serves as her main weapon. Iman also wears a full black pants. She also put on a pair of blue boots that seemed to be made of many rubber.


Iman is usually a shy and polite person, even with younger ones. The way of Iman conversation is softer than the other young agents. Unlike most characters in this series, Iman always uses formal language when she was talking or chatting, even with her friends. Although she seems gentle and friendly, but in battle the personality of Iman will turn out be a fierce and more seriously so she can not immediately grant mercy to her enemies or opponents, even as little as anything.


  • Shawl: Iman's shawl is fitted with a rope dart that can be used for striking enemies. The shawl's lengthy fabric is used as a lasso to entwine opponents in battle and as a rope to swing from.


  • "I don't know Ali, if the mentor knows, it must be bad for us later." - Season 2 Episode 7 (MISSION: RETURN)


  • The name of "Iman" means "Faith'', or ''Trustworthy'' in terms of language.
  • Iman's birthdate is December 25, which is Christmas day.
  • Iman's body height is #144 cm.
  • She also shares the same voice actor as Aliya, who is the mother of Ali.


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