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Don't forget to selfie.
―Jet selfie with Moon in MISSION: ORIENTATION

Jet is an agent under M.A.T.A. Academy. Although he first appears in "MISSION: ACADEMY", his name is revealed in "MISSION: ORIENTATION". He is classified as a NEURO agent. He, Ali, Moon and Iman are in a team.


He skin is bright and has black hair left-behind. He clothes are fitted with a jetpack as him main weapon. Jet also wears black pants and an extensions shoe, so he looks taller.

In the promotional image, Jet is shown to be a Muslim when he is seen as being tired of fasting along with both Bulat and Zass.


Jet is always arrogant, proud to himself and likes to show off his ability against another people.


  • Jetpack: Jet owns a jetpack that is strapped onto his back. He can activate it to fly.



  • His name "Jet" is derived from his gadget, a jetpack.
  • His father was a builder, as Khai stated in MISSION: ATLAS.
  • It is revealed that his birthdate is October 18.
  • The actual height of Jet's body is the same as Rudy, which is #142 cm (147 in the extension boots).


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