Attention of all students, today the school had to shut down because of... the haze, so you all can go back home.
―Cikgu Bidin telling students to go back home in MISSION: ALPHA

Karya is a new character in Season 2. He first appears in MISSION: ACADEMY. He is the mentor for INVISO agents.

Pre-Series Life

In MISSION: ACADEMY, Karya says that he has joined M.A.T.A. since the M.A.T.A. Academy was created. It is unknown whether he and Rizwan knew each other and they were students trained by Djin. He has been under the guise of Bidin at SRT Cyberaya 1 ever since M.A.T.A. Academy has launched a recruitment program for potential agents.

Series Life

Season 1

Karya's voice is first heard in MISSION: ALPHA, in which he dismisses the Sekolah Rendah Teknologi Cyberaya 1 students early "due to haze" (when in fact there is no haze). Bakar tells Ali that M.A.T.A. agents are everywhere.

Whenever Ali and Alicia have to embark on missions, Karya is responsible for covering up their disappearance by making several different announcements to keep the teachers and student body busy.

Season 2

Karya makes his first appearance as Cikgu Bidin in MISSION: ACADEMY. He informs Ali that he is sent to the Stamp Collecting Club since all of the clubs are "full". After school, he, Ali and Alicia meet up at the Stamp Collecting Club in Room 52, which is actually a store room. He gives them their ID stamps to be inserted into a stamp book, which will open a tunnel to M.A.T.A. Safehouse. He reveals that the Stamp Collecting Club is actually a place accessed to M.A.T.A. Academy and the stamps are their ID.

After Karya leads Ali and Alicia to M.A.T.A. Safehouse, they meet up with Bakar and Comot. All five agents travel by a pod to M.A.T.A. Academy, which is on an uncharted island. Upon arriving there, Ali and Alicia are unknowingly given a drill test. Karya dresses up as a villain to challenge Ali and Alicia. To ensure there is nobody helping them, Karya purposely seals a corridor after Bakar passes through. He also lures Comot into a trap and makes her disappear into thin air. When he is clearly taken down by Ali and Alicia, Bakar comes in and ends the drill test. Karya congratulates them and makes Comot reappear, allowing her to return to Ali.

In MISSION: ORIENTATION, Karya is introduced as the mentor for the INVISO agents.



Abilities and Weapons

  • Hypnotizing: The masterpieces of his enemy.
  • Magic Tricks: Magic tricks like making cards/stamps/animals appear and disappear.
  • Cards: Cards used to attack enemies.
  • Sword: One sword of light.


  • "Attention of all students, today the school had to shut down because of... the haze, so you all can go back home." - Season 1, Episode 2 (MISSION: ALPHA)


  • His name "Karya" means "artistic work" in Malay.
    • His name matches his actions that are similar to a magician's performance.
  • He is voiced by the creator of the series, Usamah Zaid Yasin.


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