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But its extremely dangerous! This mission is out of our league.
―Khai rejecting Ali intruction in MISSION: RETURN

Khai is an agent under M.A.T.A. Academy. Although he first appears in "MISSION: ACADEMY", his name is revealed in "MISSION: ORIENTATION". He is classified as a TEKNO agent. He, Alicia, Rudy and Mika are in a team.


As a young agent in TEKNO pillar, Khai wear a red clothes of suit. Khai also wears a eyeglasses and also wears a black pants and a pair of red shoes.


Khai is a friendly person and he quickly befriends with Ali. He is a weeb as he likes saying "Naisu" which means "nice" in Japanese.


  • R-O: Khai has a hoverboard that can transform into a mini-sized robot for fighting. He can also use it as a form of transportation.

Khai's Quotes

  • "My name is Khai!" - Season 2 Episode 2 (MISSION: ORIENTATION)
  • "But it may be very dangerous, this mission is already more than our limit." - Season 2, Episode 7 (MISSION: RETURN)


  • The name of Khai could be derived from Khairul Anwar Suwandi, his voices.
  • Khai's birthdate is July 14.
  • Khai's body height is #158 cm.
  • It is likely that he is a Japanese-Malay race.
  • Khai is a weaboo


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