Ali must find the disguised Bakar without using the I.R.I.S..


Ali, who was holding his cell phone ordered by Bakar to keep him observing the surroundings, because "An agent should have a high focal point" and the method of hiding in the surroundings must be convincing. Bake order again so Ali used all his senses to find himself among all the inhabitants. Then Ali issued I.R.I.S. to use it, but at the same time it was barred by Bakar who forbade him to use I.R.I.S .. So Ali started his father's search by looking around. She was seen sitting by a maki while eating a burger and jumping on her. However, he thought it wrong and went away from there because of shame.

As Ali stood behind a tree (where Bakar was hiding) wondering where Uncle Bakar was hiding, he was suddenly surprised by the presence of Bakar behind him. Bake then wipe the colors of the war in his face and his clothes, revealing that he was waiting for Ali's presence since the dawn this morning, saying that high patience is also important when in disguise. Bakar also said that although the impersonation was a special technique for the INVISO agent, but "as an agent, they should know a bit about impersonation". Then, Ali's turn came to disguise. Ali almost refused on the ground that he did not have time to prepare, but Bakar advised only to use his neighborhood and creativity as the enemy would not give them a chance.

For a few hours after his calculations, Bakar did not find Ali and began to hope that Ali might have his own talents to become a great INVISO agent. Whatever, it's unfortunate that Bakar gets a message from Ali saying he was about to go home first to play a game with a new update with Viktor. So, Bakar scolds Ali over the phone because he has allowed him for hours there just to look for him.


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