Ali tests out various gadgets.


Ali and Alicia are in a stimulation training. Ali is about to knock down a robot using his Yoyo but Alicia quickly takes care of it. When the stimulation training ends, Alicia's score is 97 while Ali's score is 11. Ali is unsatisfied, arguing that Alicia gets a higher score because she uses a long-range weapon which enables her to take down his targets. Alicia defends that Ali is being slow in taking down his targets.

Ali and Alicia confront Jenny. Ali tells Jenny that he wants to use amazing gadgets like Alicia's. Ali tries out the Sniper Rifle "INDAI" but when he fires, he is thrown backwards and his face is injured. Jenny advises Ali that he needs to take up training before using other gadgets. Ali ignores her advise and continues to try on various gadgets.

Ali then tries using a Pressure Point Glove on a robot but he is slow and is easily taken down. He then uses a pair of Plasma Armor. He is easily taken down as well as the armor is heavy and Ali is too short to use the armor for protection. He is then offered a strawberry lollipop, which is not a gadget. After that, he wears a KOMBAT Cloak but it is too long for him. He then wears a Shawl but Jenny says it is only for girls. He finally tries out a Jetpack but quickly loses control when Alicia activates it.

After all of the tryouts, Ali is seen on the floor with a broken jetpack, in pain. Jenny explains that all M.A.T.A. gadgets are made based on an agent's skills and needs. She explains that Alicia uses long-range weapons to balance out her lack of close combat skills, while Ali is provided with Yoyo, Scooter and Aero Boots due to his lack of skills.



  • The gadgets that Ali tries out are used by the following agents:
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