MISSION: POTENTIAL (Malay: MISI: POTENSI) is the ninth episode of Agent Ali. It airs in 11th November 2016 on TV3.


Since the previous episode, Rizwan is now Ali's mentor and he must train him to be a better agent despite he has doubts on Ali.





  • This episode is entitled "MISSION: POTENTIAL" because:
    • Rizwan trains Ali to improve his potential.
    • Ali's training with Rizwan helps to unlock a special potential of the I.R.I.S..
  • This episode reveals that the first INVISO agent as shown in "MISSION: PROTOCOL GEGAS", was Rizwan's mentor. He becomes cold after losing his mentor.
  • This is the second time Bakar disguises as a school gardener. The first is in "MISSION: ALPHA".
  • Alicia is shown to have been traumatized by her near-death in "MISSION: PROTOCOL GEGAS".
  • This is the first (and surprising) use of IRIS OVERRIDE MODE.

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