MISSION: SENSATIONAL (Malay: MISI: SENSASI) is the tenth episode of Agent Ali. It airs in 30th December 2016 on TV3.


After the video of Ali saving Aunty Faye's life goes viral on Internet, Ali creates a new page for his agent self and has become obsessed of the popularity he gains. However, his new-found fame will bring grave danger to him...





  • The episode is entitled "MISSION: SENSATIONAL" because of the viral video of Ali saving Aunty Faye's life.
    • The definition of sensational by Google: (of an event, a person, or a piece of information) causing great public interest and excitement.
  • This is the first episode that Bakar doesn't answer Ali's call due to being upset but later comes to his aid.
  • Allusion: Waubook is a parody of Facebook.



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