Ali goes for training with Bakar, which does not go so well...


On a clear afternoon, Ali was exhausted after running nonstop. The burn that saw Ali's fatigue reminded him that "An agent has a strong endurance". Ali had to continue his training despite fatigue. Then Ali who thought his training had ended, was surprised after Bakar told him they would start the 2nd round. A red Drone was firing a shot at Ali while Bake was busy with his cellphone. Ali, who had tried to escape, was suddenly shot in the back until he fell to the ground. Bake to get Ali and ask him, then ask Ali not to worry because every Drone in training has been set to "stun" mode. Unaware of them, a red Drone is behind Bakar and is worthy of firing. Then they immediately escaped while Bakar told Ali that Drone would only stop after their training expired.

Meanwhile, General Rama is meeting Zain, Dayang and Ganz, each of whom is NEURO, TEKNO and KOMBAT chiefs to discuss Ali. Zain asked the General whether he was absolutely certain that I.R.I.S. can be safely in the hands of Ali and Bakar. Then General expressed his conviction that Ali would be safe under Bakar's care because if he was safe, it must have been I.R.I.S. also safe. Ganz later said that Ali had known too much about MA.T.A. and suggested that they manage it. However, Dayang said it was too late for them to make the decision, then asked the General proposal. General said that Jenny's Agent had suggested that they continue their study of finding ways to separate I.R.I.S. from it. This is because of the I.R.I.S. project have been terminated for a long time and they ought to have to destroy I.R.I.S ..

Ganz said that it is dangerous if I.R.I.S. left behind in Ali's hands and the last incident can not happen again. However, Dayang said he was interested in the I.R.I.S. for this time because of the existence of Ali, there is a possibility that they can complete the ability of I.R.I.S .. Zain agrees with Dayang, their enemies are very keen to get I.R.I.S. although its potential is not encouraging. Zain also pointed out that perhaps their enemy's plan is more to sabotage, so it is also possible that I.R.I.S. can help them to reveal the real plan of the enemy. Zain ordered the General to continue overseeing Ali, and told him to end him if he did anything!



  • Ali's training at the park is similar to his training in "MISSION: ALPHA".
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