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Actually... I want to give you this.
―Mia about to give letter to Ali in MISSION: EVEN

Mia is a minor character in Agent Ali. She is a friend of Alicia and is revealed to have a crush on Viktor in MISSION: EVEN when she gives a love letter to Ali and tells him to give it to Viktor.


  • Mia is the only character to have a animational advancement, according to a statement of Agent Ali it is because it was already the finals and they decided to pay advancement.
  • Her birthday remains unknown and not revealed, but is 12 years old and is possibly the same height as Alicia.
  • She adores and is a fan of Cyberwira as shown in MISSION:EVEN on how she describes him as "a cool and awesome person".
  • Mia is left-handed.
  • Its unknown which rank is she, but she is good as mentioned by Ms. Puan Munah.
  • Mia shares a inspiration from Athena from Hercules, because both of them are very love their partners just like Mia adoring for Viktor.
  • She only have few lines in the series, but as it is mentioned she is only a "supporting" character.


Mia is a young energetic, cheerful and proud student. She is known as Alicia's friend and follows her wherever she goes. When she is in romance side, she has a huge crush and adoration towards Viktor due to his unkillable charm. However;she does get mad when Viktor tries to deny her decisions and plans or even teamwork with him. But she is also compassionate, smart and dedicated. She also loves to study her subjects and be with her crush, Viktor.


  • "Actually... I wanted to give you this." — Mia to Ali while handling him a love letter for Viktor. (MISSION:EVEN)
  • "You always do this to me! I hate it!" — Mia angrily to Viktor after rejecting her as a partner in the Year End Science Project.
  • "He's awesome!" — Mia describing Ali as Cyberwira
  • "Yay! Go Viktor! Viktor!" — Mia cheering for Viktor


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