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Then, why did you hit them?!
―Mika asking to Ali in MISSION: PURPOSE

Mika is an agent under M.A.T.A. Academy. Although she first appears in "MISSION: ACADEMY", her name is revealed in "MISSION: ORIENTATION". She is classified as a KOMBAT agent. She, Alicia, Rudy and Khai are in a team.


Being a tomboy, Mika has spiky, short black hair paired with dark green eyes. As an agent in KOMBAT class, she wears a black suit with blue shoulder pads and blue armor plate. Her inability to fully use her legs makes her the only crippled KOMBAT agent, therefore, she uses the mecha suit provided from M.A.T.A. as a substitute for her legs.


Mika has a harsh and tomboyish attitude, therefore coming off as masculine despite being a female. Her seriousness when executing missions is threatening enough to the point of not showing an ounce of mercy towards her enemies.


  • Mecha Suit: Due to her disability, the mecha suit is designed to have wheels, allowing her to move around freely. During a fight, Mika can insert her arms into the mecha arms to give her strength and protection for combat.



  • Mika was born with nerve disease that causes disability on her legs and the doctor said she cannot walk anymore. (MISSION: ATLAS)


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