Who scribbled the wall?!

— To Puan Munah asking who scribbed the wall in MISSION: BLUEPRINT

Puan Munah is the class teacher of Class 6 Avicenna in SRT Cyberaya. She makes her first appearance in the Ejen Ali Teaser Number Two as a cameo.


She is known to be very harsh, strict, and short-tempered teacher who always scolds Ali for doing something stupid.



  • She bears the similarities with:
    • Nobita's Mathematics teacher in Doreamon, who scolds Nobita for getting zero on his Math exam paper.
    • Mr. Lancer in Danny Phantom, who scolds Danny for getting an F in his exam paper.
    • Tarung in Boboiboy Galaxy, who scold & hear Boboiboy & Gopal is member of TAPOPS.


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