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R-O is a hoverboard ( created and own by Khai)that can transform into a mini-sized robot for fighting. He can also use it as a form of transportation.


R-O is made by Khai, when he is in a young age. This causes him to be recruited by M.A.T.A. to enters the Academy.

How It Works

Khai would use a gadget in his wrist to hack and perform other things and R-O will apply the hack on the gadget or machine by getting through its electronics. R-O would glitch when it is within the proximity of the I.R.I.S. Override Mode. (MISSION: RETURN)


Aside from doing things mentioned above, R-O has been used for surveillance on what is going on; whether it is a secret mission (MISSION: RETURN) or when the Academy is in lockdown, R-O was able to show the agents what was happening (the battle of the mentors and the Numeros (MISSION: DIEZ), wherein Khai could project the footage to everyone with a hologram. R-O is also used to hack and disable a M.A.T.A. Mechadroid, which is a tank unit.



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