―Syed stepping the poop in MISSION: BLUEPRINT

Syed is one of bullies.


In MISSION: IRIS, he and Shaun are bullying a student over an ice cream cone, but Ali interrupts them. Ever since then they've held a grudge against Ali and later, Comot.

In MISSION: ALPHA, he and Shaun are once again bullying the same student over ice cream, but Ali manages to stop them using a strategically organised move thanks to the help of the I.R.I.S..

Besides bullying students, he and Shaun also dabble in vandalism as seen in MISSION: BLUEPRINT.

In the commercial of MAMEE Monster BisKidz, he and Shaun portrayed in the MAMEE world as enemy soldiers.


  • Syed has a Northern Malaysian accent (specifically a Kedah one) which is clearly heard in his speech: "Mai duit" (Give money) and "Hang tau tak, tak elok makan ais krim pagi-pagi ni" (Don't you know it's not good to eat ice-cream this early in the morning?).


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