I want, this man!
―Trez wants Bakar in MISSION: I.R.I.S

Trez plays a part as one of the evil spies in "Agent Ali". He borrows a few core elements from the Hulk, including strength. He makes his first appearance in the intro for MISSION: I.R.I.S.


He is big and bald.




  • Trez is spelt after the word "Tres", which means "three" in Spanish. He is the third in a series of Latin names for numbers: "Uno; Dos; Tres; Cuatro".
  • He is similar to Jaws in the James Bond Franchise because they are the villains with super strength.
  • He also appears as a boss in stage 25 of Inferno mission in Ejen Ali: Emergency video game.
  • In Ejen Ali Magazine #10, his height is 220 cm and his birthday is March 6.
  • In Season 2, he had a mechanic arm instead of his ordinary arm.
  • He has a number "3" logo on his left head.



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