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We call him Zass. He, does not talk.
―Moon introducing Zass in MISSION: ORIENTATION

Zass is an agent under M.A.T.A. Academy. Although he first appears in "MISSION: ACADEMY", his name is revealed in "MISSION: ORIENTATION". He is classified as an INVISO agent. He, Roza, Bulat and Chris are in a team.


Zass is a fair skinned boy who wears an INVISO-style suit which is gray-white, that has a bowl-like shape on his neck as his clothes. His hair is traced down and he also wears headphones to listen to music. He also wear full black pants and a pair of gray-white shoes.

In the promotional image, Zass is shown to be a Muslim when he is seen as being tired of fasting along with both Jet and Bulat.


According to Moon, Zass is quiet and does not talk. He only communicates through gestures. He is also calm and cool when doing missions. Though, in MISSION: PLAY, he fainted when he thought he was about to die in a train crash.


  • Super Speed: Zass is able to run very fast. He can sneak in and out quickly, steal things without getting noticed, and make opponents difficult to catch him and confuse them as well.


  • Zass is the only character in the series to not have a voice actor.
    • This hints that Zass might be mute, since he does not produce any sound when he's struggling.
  • He was named Zass because for his speed sound.
  • Zass is revealed that his birthdate is 14th October.
  • Zass' body height is 170 cm.


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